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25th Annual

Lincoln Reenactment

February 13 & 14, 2015

                          Members of the 2010 President's Club pose in the new addition to the

                           Lincoln Carnegie Library before the morning programming and noon

                           Look-A-Like Contest Ceremony. 






The Century-old Lincoln County Courthouse is a perfect location for the morning program and Look-A-Like Contest Ceremony.  This 110 year old native limestone building is one of the most photographed buildings in Kansas.  You may feel as though you truly are there in the 1860's with President Lincoln!

 It is only fitting and proper that we hereby dedicate ourselves to continuing our Lincoln Reenactment beyond the first 24 years for today's young people and those to come.  May we in Lincoln KS always reflect the spirit of Abraham Lincoln!

Kathie Crispin, Lincoln County Historical Society Board Member presenting roses to Reenactment Coordinator, Marilyn Helmer and husband Martin, celebrating the 20th Annual Lincoln Reenactment

     Grace Bedell played by Maruby McQueen                                                       

Grace Bedell, played by Maruby McQueen writes the letter to Lincoln telling him he might win the election if he changed his face by  growing a beard.  Lincoln took her advice, thereby, became President and was able to change the Nation.  Grace and her husband, George Billings, homesteaded in Kansas, in Ottawa County which boarders Lincoln County to the east.  A monument stands in the Delphos city park honoring Grace for her letter.   -   Paula Wombwell and Angela Bates at the President's Breakfast (for performers) in the Marshall-Yohe Home




 1:30 pm  Open House, Tour Introduction: 'Dog Soldier Justice' author, Jeff Broome, Littleton, C0

 2:00 pm  Bus tour of 1869 Indian Raid sites of Denmark, Spillman Creek, and Lincoln
                   Special guest, Steve Alexander, Monroe, MI, as General George Custer

 3:30 pm  Museum:  Refreshments and Presentation:  '150 Years After Gettysburg'
                   Jack Crispin,  Civil War historian, Lincoln, KS

                                      FINCH THEATRE  122 East Lincoln Ave

 6:30 pm  'The Abolitionist'  film clips followed by discussion led by Troy Strahan, Gardner, KS, as
                   President Lincoln and Bev Nelson, Lincoln, KS, as Mary Todd Lincoln    
                   Free, underwritten by the National Endowment for the Humanities Bridging
                   Cultures Initiative, and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History 

SATURDAY:                    COURTHOUSE  216 East Lincoln Ave

                                  TICKETS ON SALE BEGINNING AT 9:00 am
                       Adult all day & meal $22, child, age 12 and younger $11
        Half day and meal:  Adult $15.00, child $7.50,  Meal alone adult $8, child $4.00 
  9:30    TREASURES of the 1860's:  Supervised activities for children, basement
              PERIOD MUSIC by Mattson and Weaver, Courtroom       
  9:45    WELCOME by Master of Ceremonies, Jack Crispin, Lincoln, KS
  9:50    'FIRST LADIES OF THE CIVIL WAR,  Verena Davis & Mary Todd Lincoln' 

                    by Deb Bisel, author, Topeka, KS,  and Marla Matkin,  Hill City, KS
10:30   'NOT SWAPING TOO MANY HORSES': a Presidential Campaign bid for a 2nd term
            Troy Strahan, Gardner KS as President Lincoln
11:10   'GENERAL CUSTER in the CIVIL WAR' , Steve Alexander, Monroe, MI
11:50   10 minute Break
12:00   LOOK-A-LIKE CEREMONY                 

                                  LINCOLN JR/SR  HIGH SCHOOL, Hwy 18

 1:10   SONGS AND SING ALONG FROM THE CIVIL WAR, Matson and Weaver, Salina, KS

 1:45   'FATE WORSE THAN DEATH', or 'SAINTS and SINNERS', farce written by Marla Matkin
              Actors:  Matkin as Libbie Custer, Steve Alexander as General Custer; Kirk Shapland,
              Dighton, KS, as Buffalo Bill; Mark Berry, McDonald, KS, as California Joe
 3:00    PRESIDENT'S BALL  played by the Free Staters Band, Newton, KS, Preceptor, Marla
            Matkin, Hill City, KS

 5:00    FAREWELL 

           INFORMATION:  785 524 5133   Reservations at Post Rock Motel:  785 524 4934
Also funded in part by Lincoln businesses, County Historical Society & other civic organizations.

                     *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *


We  suggest a side trip to Delphos, Ks, during your visit to Lincoln.  Grace Bedell, the little girl who wrote the letter to Lincoln advising him that he had a better chance of winning the election if he grew a beard, homesteaded with her husband, George Billings, near there.   George took the avice from Horace Greeley, also from the state of New York,  not to settle in Colorado as first planned, but in Kansas.  George was among the first settlers on Yockey Creek, Grace following him later.   The Billings maintained their ties to Greeley and also became friends with Wild Bill Hickock, and other hunters who stayed in their modest cabin home.   Later, George became the President of the Delphos State Bank and he and Grace moved into the small town, living their remaining years there.    A monument honoring Grace for her letter stands in the Delphos City Park.