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      The pieces pottery shown here are one of a kind, made by a Barnard, Kansas native, Jay Heiman.  Each piece that he makes is lead free, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

JH-41   Blue & Brown Cup   Price: $8.50

JH-42    Peach & Tan Cup    Price: $8.50

JH-43    Brown & Tan Cup    Price: $8.50

JH-44    Cream & Tan Cup    Price: $8.50

JH-45    Brown Cup                Price: $8.50

JH-48   Covered Raku Vase   Price: $20.00

JH-49    Raku Vase                  Price: $15.00

JH-50    Skinny Vase                Price: $7.50

JH-51    Bulb Vase                    Price: $7.50



 JH-52   Bulb Vase 6" x 6"              Price: $21.50