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Limstone Art

Vonada Stone Quarry
History of the Stone Post
     In the years after the Civil War, the early settlers came to Kansas and found the prairies nearly tree-less.  As they broke the sod, they found limestone, which they called greenhorn.  This was a ready made building material.  The first homes were called dugouts.  As time prevailed the settlers cleaned off the stone and quarried it into building materials.  They used these to build homes, barns, corrals and fence posts.  The posts were used with the invention of barbed wire, as the earliest form of fencing livestock.
     A full size post is about six feet long and weighs between 300 to 500 pounds.  Over 40,000 miles of fence were built in 50 years, using the stone post.  Many of these are still in use today.
    The photo above was taken at the Vonada Stone Quarry, in Lincoln County.  It depicts how the stone is quarried using feather and wedges.
     Below you will find miniature limestone posts made to display in you home or office.  They maybe purchased online or in the store.

Limestone Book Ends

Approximate size of individual bookend 7" wide by 6" tall.  Available with or without antique wire.

Price: $34.00

Limestone Photo Frame
Holds a 4x6 photo

Price: $29.99

Paper Weight Limestone Post w/Leaner

Approximate size Large 5" wide by 4" tall
Price: $8.00




Limestone Fence Line Business Card Holder
Approximate size 5" long by 4" tall
Price: $15.00





Limestone Snowmen

LS-5    Extra Small Snowman
             Price: $12.50

LS-4    Small Snowman
             Price: $40.00

LS-3    Medium Snowman
             Price: $62.50

LS-2      Large Snowman
             Price: $93.75

LS-1    Extra Large Snowman
             Price: $110.00